Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Wedding Update

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the wedding venue might be changing. Bear and I both have concerns about the presence of Lyme-infected ticks, as he was bitten with one this fall and got the disease. After much discussion (too much discussion, it turns out - I got so sick of talking about it that I actually considered just living in sin forever), we arrived at a decision.

We are going to get married at my parents' house as originally planned. I am going to go down to my parents' the week before the wedding and cut brush, mow lawns, weed whack and otherwise clear out as much verdant growth as I can, in hopes of discouraging the wee beasties from hanging around. I also think I am going to have bug spray at all the tables so parents and children can have an extra layer of protection. What else can I do? There is NO WHERE else to get married and have a reception that won't cost a ton of money, not to mention it is getting late in the planning process, so all the prime locations are already taken.

We did get one other piece of wedding news. Bear's sister and her husband are giving us $1,000 for the wedding, and they are going to give it to us early to help pay for the wedding. It was an unexpected and fabulously generous gift. Both Bear and I feel much better about paying for the wedding with that money to help out. It is at least a third of our budget, and is probably closer to half.

The wedding is in 199 days - I now have 199 days to lose 20 pounds. That averages easily into a pound every ten days. Eek! I need to get going! Any advice?


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Sue Flaska said...

I'd love to give you advise on how to lose a pound or two, but I am the last person to ask. My weight goes up and down up and down.

But I have faith in your abilities. You have done so well so far. Kepp it up!