Friday, December 01, 2006

Hey! It's Okay...

Have you ever read Glamour magazine? In each issue there's a page titled, "Hey! it's okay..." that lists several things you shouldn't feel guilty about. I think it's a fabulous idea, so I created my own list. See what you think:

Hey! It's Okay...
  • If you prefer his five dollar pillow to your designer one.
  • To spend more on Christmas gifts for your pets than your parents.
  • To go to a party just for the food.
  • To be a singing sensation - alone in your car.
  • If your favorite section of the newspaper is still the comics.
  • If the word "kumquat" still makes you giggle.
  • If you still listen for hoofbeats on your roof... just in case.
  • To eat just the really buttery pieces of popcorn, and toss the rest.
  • To wonder if you can still be sexy in bed... with your socks on.
  • To think of your birthday as a holiday. and take the day off work.
What would you add to the list? Let me know!


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