Wednesday, December 06, 2006


As I write this, it is snowing outside. It has snowed twice this week, and while there hasn't been much accumulation, it is definitely getting me into the holiday season. There is just something so Christmassy about snow. I wonder sometimes if Christmas would be as important a holiday to me if I moved to the southern U.S., where there is no snow and not really any cold weather. It was 10 degrees when I got into my car this morning. Christmas is supposed to be a cold, snowy time. Snow is magical - it covers everything, making the world clean and new again. To me, snow is a lot like a temporary tatoo - you can put it everywhere, and after a while it fades. Don't like the snow man you made? Wait long enough, and the snow man will magicaly disappear. Poorly made snow angel? A good strong wind will drift snow over it, leaving a blank canvas again. What's not to love about snow?

One of my favorite snow activities is to clean off my windshield or other smooth surface and look at the individual snowflakes as they fall. The really are gorgeous - even the asymmetrical gimps. How often in life can you say that?


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Word Imp said...

Hi there Amalia
My children would love to have snow at Christmas. It's summer in New Zealand right now, just beginning but you wouldn't know it tonight as it's been stormy and cold. My poor son had to play touch rugby in driving rain this evening. I had a snowy Christmas in London once, but mainly it's beach weather here for us. Make the most of it and think of us down in the southern hemisphere!