Tuesday, December 26, 2006

No News is Good News

Merry Christmas! I hope every one had as great a holiday yesterday as I did. Christmas day started out with some morning nookie (a perfect way to wake up, if you ask me). Shortly after that, Bear and I raced each other down stairs to give each other our presents. I got some fabulous stuff, including a new Brian Froud book and a Wheel of Fortune electronic game (ironic, you see, as I was on Wheel of Fortune in 2004). When our own presents were opened and we had put all of the candy on a shelf too high for the dog to reach, we made the two hour drive to my parents' house for their Christmas. This year the Golden Child and his wife were there, so I didn't have to suffer through a single "when-are-you-going-to-give-us-a-grandchild" inquisition. I got the black socks I needed so desperately and the wedding autograph mat that I asked for, too. All the rest was just extra.

Wedding things are going well. Daddy, Bear and I measured the spot for the tents, and I think we are going to have a 40x20 and a 20x20 tent up for guests. Daddy is going to have a company come in and put down gravel to level the ground and pack it down. I reminded him to leave a spot for the pota-potties, too. He is actually doing quite a bit to his property for the wedding. I'm trying not to feel bad for putting him out like this. I keep reminding myself that he WANTS to do this.

My goal is to have a rental vendor booked by the 14th of January. Any later than that and all the good rental places will be taken. I have to look at the brochures again and make some more calls. The Golden Child's wife also suggested that I actually visit the vendor to physically look at the tents, to make sure that I know what I'm paying for. Good advice! Daddy made the suggestion that this spring I get the photographer out to the house to make suggestions on prime photograph spots - I have worked with her before and trust her implicitly, so I think that I will do pretty much whatever she says. I LOVE her.

We have our toasting goblets (another Christmas gift); they are a plain silver goblet. I like them, but I think I am going to have them engraved with our names and wedding date just to add to them a bit. So toasting goblets, autograph frame, wedding bands, and location are all a go. Finally, I feel like something is being accomplished!

Amidst all this good news, however, there has been some bad. Some really bad news. actually. A few weeks ago, I blogged about having to take my cat Inigo to the vets because he had swallowed some string. I thought after he passed a big chunk that he was fine, but apparently there was a foot of string left in his stomach. Over the last few weeks, the string choked off a piece of bowel and turned spetic, and it died. In turn, that caused a buildup of bacteria and food in his intestine, which ruptured Thursday night. Inigo was fine all day until about four o'clock, when he crashed fast. Bear and I rushed him to the emergency vet, but he didn't make it. Inigo Montoya, aged one year and four months, passed away Thursday, December 21, at 11:21 pm. I am, of course, heartbroken over this loss. I feel that in some ways it is my fault, that he died because I wasn't careful enough, didn't do enough to save him. Bear tells me that I did everything I could, that I loved him and cared for him and that is all Inigo could have asked for. Some days, that makes me feel better.

Most days, I just want my kitten back.

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