Thursday, September 14, 2006

Soooooo close!

This morning when I got on the scale it said 180.0. That's only .2 pounds away from seeing 179!! I am so close! Every time I get goo dnews like that it reinvigorates my determnination to lose the weight. I wasn't planning on doing my Yoga DVD today despite not having other commitments, but I am saying right here (in PRINT) that I AM going to do my yoga DVD tonight! I PROMISE. I was reading an article in a magazine and some pilates instructor said that normally with yoga/pilates you see or feel a difference in about eight to ten sessions. I've done four, I think, so I'm half way there. I know that as soon as I see a difference I will enjoy it more. Right now it still kind of hurts. I did do it on Monday, so I'm quasi on track.
Last night we went to Bangor to get groceries. No big deal. On the way home we got gas (we took my car). This morning when I got to school, another teacher walked in holding my wallet.
"Are you in the habit of leaving your wallet on the roof of your car?" she asked. "It was wedged in the roof rack. I noticed it when I came in this morning."
"That's strange," I reply. "I don't remember when I last had my wallet. We went to Bangor last night... then we got gas... I didn't use it today -" At that moment I realized what had happened. I had left my wallet on the roof of my car while I pumped gas then drove 50 MILES home with it on the roof. I went inside and went to bed, then drove 40 MILES to school this morning - again with my wallet ON MY ROOF!!!!! How it stayed on there the way I drive I will never know. Is that not the luckiest thing you have ever heard? That thing rode over 90 miles!! I can't even believe it. Nothing is missing, either - not a receipt, not a card, nothing.
I know that Bear is going to kill me when he reads this. Yesterday I forgot my cell phone at work, and two weeks ago I left a credit card at a restaurant and my camera in my friend's car. I don't know why I'm so absent minded lately! It's like my brain just isn't working. I am going to try to do a better job about remembering things from here on out.
Saturday I am heading back to Portland to buy a wedding dress. I'm not sure which one I'm buying yet, but as soon as I have pictures, I will post them for you. Hopefully by buying the dress this soon, I will have a ton of fun having it taken in a few months from now. According to the plan, I have until the end of the year to get down to 170. I know I can do it. A wedding dress can be a powerful motivator!


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