Friday, September 15, 2006

Not Quite So Close

This morning I was very excited to get on the scale. I thought for SURE I'd be at 179.8. I hopped on, and quess what I weighed? 180.4. Sigh. Am I ever going to break the 180 barrier? I did well yesterday - I did my yoga DVD (okay, so I didn't do the last progression, but Bear came home right then and I look like a fool with my legs in the air and my face all red and sweaty). I had a chicken stir fry for dinner with white rice and tons of veggies (green and red peppers and onions). No dairy at all for TWO days! Grrr. I want to know that I am going in the right direction. It's hard to know that if I don't see results. I've never dealt well with the theoretical. I need proof, damnit!
Tonight Bear and I are driving to my parents' (two weekends in a row!) so that I can buy my dress in Portland on Saturday. I still don't know which one I want to buy. I'm hoping inspiration strikes once I'm there. Bear wants to go to a local bakery in my hometown for breakfast on Saturday. On the one hand I am really excited to show him a staple of my childhood, but on the other hand I know what a tremendous calorie-overloaded temptation all of those sweets are going to be. Honey-glazed doughnuts, chocolate sugar-cream rolls, bismarks, double Dutch chocolate muffins, butterflake rolls... the list of tasty fattening treats goes on and on. How will I resist?
I had a dream last night that I asked my best friend what her song is going to be at her wedding. You know, the first song the couple dances to? In the dream, she said the song that has meant quite a lot to Bear and I for our entire relationship. It has been recently released on the radio, and is rapidly gaining popularity. I just looked at her and said, "No." When she said that I wasn't the boss of her wedding, I replied, "If you use that song, I will not be your friend any more. It has meaning to Bear and I that it doesn't have for you. No." She hung up on me, and used the song anyway. I was so hurt.
I know it's just a dream, but what is the etiquette for that sort of thing? She's getting married four days after I am. I'm not going to be at her wedding because Bear and I will be out of the country on our honeymoon. Do I have a right to veto a song? Does she? Is it first-come-first-serve, or do you not have any rights to a wedding song? I don't think my dream conversation would ever happen (she couldn't possibly be THAT mean), but what if it did? What will I do? Is it that terrible to want even one thing to be our own, that no one else has done or is doing?

I'm confused. Help!

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