Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hump Day

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a perfect night. It seems odd to think of a Wednesday in favorable terms, as usually I am just dragging along, waiting for the weekend to get here. Yesterday, however, was fabulous. I got home from school at 3:30, and drove straight to Bear's house. I got there just a few minutes before he did. I'd been reading a romance novel earlier that day, and was in an... amorous... mood (this kind of sucks for me, as I'm out of commission for the next several days). When Bear got home, I basically tackled him. We kissed for several minutes, then had to stop so we could clean out his car. What a mess! His car was a disaster area. It took about a half hour, but we got it all cleaned and even had room for the dog to come with us to the grocery store. The store was about to close, so we had to hurry, but I had to stop him in every aisle and kiss him passionately. I don't think he stopped grinning once. We ordered pizza for dinner, ate it, made out some more, and then got to work spackling the wood paneling in his livingroom (we are painting it this weeked). What a blast! It sounds corny, but I love living the Trading Spaces lifestyle. After that I read more romance novel while he played Mortal Kombat. Again, we took plenty of opportunities to mess around. Bear just kept saying that he'd missed this aspect of my personality, and was super glad to see it's recurrence. I think I've just felt too sick and run down lately to be able to be that way.
When we finally showered and went to bed, Bear was in a fever of want for me (which is naturally what I wanted). We were obviously limited in what we could do, but let's just say he was thrilled and exhausted when we finally went to sleep. :)
This morning all he could say was "wow" and "thank you." It felt good to be fully me, again, to be able to surprise, please and delight my Bear. Hopefully this will last until I''m back IN commision again, and I can enjoy myself as much as Bear enjoys me. ;)

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