Thursday, February 09, 2006

Built like a ... tanka?

I have this poetry class that I'm teaching this semester, which is kind of a joke since I've never written poetry and I don't know a lot about it. I told my students at the beginning of the semester that I would write poems along with them, so that I did everything I asked them to do. We worked on tankas today. Tankas use sensory details to create an image with a mood. So I did three of them. I am posting them below, but I make no guarantees about the quality (in fact, I think they're pretty awful... but in my defense, they ARE just first drafts).

In the stove's soft light
I'm leaning on the counter
Your serious eyes
watch me as you drop words, love
Into the pond of my heart.

Bear's Hug
I reach the driveway
Bear charges out of the house.
Phone tossed in snowbank,
Forgotten, as I'm scooped up
into my Bear's hug.

Strong arms embracing
Perfumed cloud of love surrounds.
Smells like sawdust, sweat,
and man. Caught up in his kiss
I know this was the best surprise.

The last line there is really weak, I am aware of that. Any suggestions?

In other arenas, my life is going well. I'm getting over my sinus infection, the sun's been out two whole days in a row, and I have the love of a man that makes my heart sing. How could life get any sweeter?


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