Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What I Got for Christmas

I told you yesterday that I'd blog about my Christmas present. Here's the story:

Christmas morning Bear and I got up and made some coffee. The morning hasn't begun until I've started caffienating. We sat in the livingroom and began the process of opening the gifts under the tree. Bear hemmed and hawed for a bit, not sure which gift he wanted me to open first. Finally he made up his mind and started with a card. It was a nice card, one of those ones that have the card stock outside and the separate piece of paper on the inside. It was sweet and romantic, and he'd signed it, "because I want you to have everything you want. Love, Bear."
"Aww, thanks Honey," I said, and closed the card. I set it beside me on the couch.
"No, you need to turn the page," he chided.
I picked the card back up and turned the page and saw this:With the words "January 30, 2010" at the top and a speech bubble next to it that said, "Hi Mom!"

The man bought me a puppy.

A puppy.

The one thing I've wanted for more than three years. The one thing he keeps telling me I can't have. Truly, my dream come true. The gift is amazing. Bear is amazing. The puppy is amazing.

I'm naming him Jackson, and I love him already.

Thanks, Bear, for making my Christmas the best one ever. I love you!


Birds of A Feather said...

Name him what you want, babe, I'm still calling him Murph.

Fox In Detox said...

That is an AWESOME gift, from a truly awesome husband. I'm going to keep saying are one lucky girl.

Alice said...

This made me tear up. What a darling! (Both Bear and the puppy!)

Congrats, honey. You're gonna be a great mama.