Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fragments

*Only eight more days until Jackson comes home. I can't wait. I still have some puppy proofing to do, but the house has come a long way and we're almost ready. I can't wait to introduce him to the cats! I will have to take some video of their first meeting so I can post it.

*Only eight more days of riding the Sinister Stationary Bike of Doom. I'm not hating it as much as I did last time, mostly because I'm half-assing it most nights. I ride for fifteen minutes (five more than the mandatory ten), but I'm reading a novel while I do it and therefore am not giving it much of an honest effort. On Wednesday I stayed home from work and did a killer run that day - 20 minutes, 421 calories, 5.05 miles. But honestly? That was the only honest effort I put in since I started this almost two weeks ago. Alice over at Wandering Wonderland has been way more committed than I, and I'm hoping to use her success as a springboard towards my own. I might need to set a weight goal as she did. I'm thinking I'd like to be back down to 165.0 by Feb 15. That's three weeks for about two pounds. Totally doable. I'll let you know how I do.

*As I age I'm becoming so much more of a girl. Among my friends I'm usually known as the biggest guy in the group (femeninity has never been my strong suit) but I have to have this bag.

It's called the Monroe (my maiden name, people! I NEED TO HAVE IT), and it's a stylish and ecologically responsible bag that would hold all of my daily things plus a knitting project or two. At $75, owning it solidifies my girl status. I'm just sayin'.

*Due to budget cuts, it looks as though I will be job searching next year. They told me that last year but found a way to keep me on - that money is gone and we're another $400,000 in the hole. I'm pretty sure I'm gone after this year. Wish me luck in a very tight job market. I can't decide if I want to look for a full time teaching job, or just an ed tech job somewhere close to home. Full time teaching means I can quit working at Rite Aid, ed tech job close by means less time on the road and nowhere near the stress. I'm hoping an opportunity will present itself. Maybe I should ask if the local yarn shop is hiring?

*I still hate insurance companies. Bear went to the knee specialist on Wednesday and guess what? The doc ordered an MRI - the same thing Bear's tried TWICE to get and the insurance company won't pay for. They had better this time or I will blow a gasket. I'm so fucking sick of dealing with this idiocy!!!!! It might not help that I'm on hold with said insurance company as I sit here. ARGHRHGH!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the bag, a really good deal!!

I hope you make the right choice about your job. I hear you about the tight job economy. New York use to have a shortage on teachers, now it is the other way around. I would wait and see what the spring brings because that is when all the jobs, at least here, start being posted, and you never know what could pop up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I hope Bear gets his MRI. I hear you about the Insurance Companies. I fight with them all the time about the girl's treatments and such. I'm suppose to have such great insurance, but why does everything have to be a battle. It is so tiring. In the end, I usually win, but why do I have to go through so much stress to get there.

I'm glad your on your bike. Please give me some magic words so I'll get my ass on the treadmill!

Take care.

Leslie said...

Have you talked to your State Insurance Department about the MRI refusal? If he's had one ordered three times by at least two different doc's then it would appear to be medically necessary. Having worked for an insurance company years ago I can tell you that nothing strikes fear like a call from "the State of X Insurance Department". I would seriously look into the appeal process and they would be the best place to start.

Fox In Detox said...

Someone once told me that if I could give up my conventional thinking, and tell (not ask) the universe what I really wanted, I would get it. I finally gave in, and as foolish as I felt, I did it last January 1st...and on January 24th, guess what happened? You already know the rest of my story, and now I am a believer....just sayin... ;o)

ps...Even the Tom-boy in me loves that bag.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How is it possible that bag only costs $75??? GET IT NOW!!!


Alice said...

OMG! I love that bag, too. And I'm not a purse/bag person. But - it is gorgeous! Way to go on the bike!! Keep it up girl! You inspired me when you took on your weight loss challenge a year ago! (or was it two?)Most days I hate eating right and exercising, but I hate the way I look in the mirror even more. I'm sending good thoughts your way on the job front. I think the right opportunity will present itself at just the right time. Keep us posted.

And, of course, I can't wait til you get Jackson home!!

L Unit said...

Who makes that bag? Oh and I love you!

Heather said...

Lunit - the bag is from Namaste (, I think) and PJ says I can have one! Now - pink, peacock, or lime?