Monday, November 09, 2009

Insurance companies suck

I blogged a few weeks ago about the accident my husband had, how he fell on a freshly-washed floor and momentarily dislocated his knee. This caused him a lot of pain, especially where he already has arthritis and other wearing-down problems in his knees. He actually went to the doctor, which for him is a big deal. The doctor ordered an x-ray but didn't think there was much wrong with him.

Yeah, right.

When the x-ray results were read, they discovered that there was some laxing in the tendons and signs of other issues (the nurse said "the knee cap is 'technically' in place"), and ordered an MRI. A complete MRI, with contrast, so the doc could see clearly what is fully wrong with Bear's knee.

The insurance company said no.

When I asked, "what do you mean, 'no'?" we were told that there wasn't enough info to warrant an MRI. The doc asked instead for a regular MRI, the kind without the contrast.

The insurance company said no again.

I'm frustrated, Bear is frustrated, the doctor is pissed... and yet we are helpless to do anything about it. Bear's doc has been great about trying to find ways around this and his newest plan is to send Bear to a specialist - an orthopedist - for the knee.

I'm really hoping the specialist orders an MRI, and that the insurance company has to pay for the specialist AND the MRI that Bear should have had over a week ago.


Fox In Detox said...

Yes they do! That's horrible. I hope Bears doc can find a way around this. What total jerks.

Leslie said...

Maybe you should write to Olympia Snow and ask her how the heck you're supposed to handle this since she's been made Queen of Health Insurance? Sorry to sound sarcastic, but this whole Health Care Payment non-reform thing has got me really angry.

If the Orthopedist orders a MRI there still is no guaranty the insurance company will authorize it. But I wish him well because (having a knee that's deteriorating) I know it's painful.

Alice said...

And when Bear's knee is better tell him to go up to the insurance company and give them the kick in the ass they deserve.