Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Slow steady plod to solvency

Two weeks into my very tight budget and I'm learning just how much money I waste on things. Funny how I never notice how much I spend until I can't spend anything. On Sunday I spent $22 on sugar, hand lotion, a stuffed sheep for a package I'm mailing out and thumbtacks. All stuff I needed, and it came to 1/4 of $100! Why are things so expensive? I'm trying really hard to curtail my excessive spending. No, honest! Every single day, though, is a struggle. And I don't always win.
Like today. My friend Lori is selling off a lot of her fiber and yarn, and was selling some black merino (wool) for $8. It's enough to spin into the shawl I've been wanting to knit for some time now. How could I not? And since my husband reads my blog, now he knows. Sorry Honey, I couldn't resist. It just kind of happened. I'm really sorry I disappointed you. I'm not sorry I bought it, but... well, you know what I mean.

In other news, we had another snowstorm yesterday that caused school to be canceled. I spent the first few hours reading, then I knit some, then spun some as well. All in all, it was a great day. Look what I made:

A baby bootie for my friend Amanda's baby! You'll remember her as the poor woman who discovered she was pregnant after taking colitis and fibromyalgia meds? She's having a girl this May. All it needs are buttons and a mate.


Alice said...

Omg! That is the most precious little bootie I have ever seen. EVER! You are so talented.

Jenny said...

That bootie is so cute!

Anonymous said...

That bootie is adorable! She will LOVE them!

I know what I mean about spending. Once I kept track by writing down everything I spent for a week. I was amazed at how much I wasted!

So glad you had a snow day.

Fox In Detox said...

Spinning? Fiber? What is this spinning and fiber that you speak of?

That little pink bootie is adorable!