Monday, March 23, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend can be split into two very different days. Saturday I got up at five a.m., blearily got dressed for work and worked an 8 hour shift putting away freight after unloading it from the truck. It's exhausting work, but I thought I'd be able to go home and crash when it was over. I was wrong. Bear met me at work when it was time to go and said, "It's Teacher Appreciation weekend at Borders. I'm buying you $40 worth of stuff because you deserve it. Let's go." We got in the car and drove to Bangor. We spent about two hours in the big city (I bought three books) and then came home. Bear's best friend Snake arrived shortly after that to hang out. I was tired, but Bear had asked that I make him chocolate covered strawberries, and since I didn't know what Sunday would bring, I did it then. By nine p.m., I was falling asleep sitting up on the couch. I couldn't stop yawning or keep my eyes open. Bear and Snake were playing video games, but I had to go to bed. I gave them my apologies and went upstairs.

I slept eleven straight hours.

I woke up Sunday at about quarter past eight to sunshine streaming in my window. Bear had already risen for the day but was being quiet so I could sleep. I got out of bed and wandered downstairs. He'd made me coffee! Once I'd had some I was quite a bit perked up so I made pancakes and bacon (Sunday is pancakes day in my house). We had a leisurely breakfast, did a few minor chores, and relaxed. Bear watched t.v. while I spun on my spindle. We had a get-your-own lunch (I had salad) and then we went to bed for an hour or so in the middle of the afternoon (insert dirty thoughts here). We got back up, had an excellent dinner of chicken cordon bleu sandwiches and then together we made chocolate cake with homemade peanut butter frosting. It was delicious! Bear helped with everything, including mixing the cake batter.

Sunday was so nice and so relaxing I was able to totally recharge my batteries. I will need it, because my work schedule is going to be beyond hectic this week. I am still waiting to hear back from my aunt about my getaway (the weekend of the 24th won't work out, so I'm aiming for the weekend of the 18th), but I know that as long as I have Bear and Sundays like this last one, I'll be okay.

How was your weekend?


Fox In Detox said...

Yours was waaaay better than mine. I agonized over my next paper...but mostly procrastinated and played video games. I did go out on Saturday night with a couple of friends...and I sang karaoke...but mostly I procrastinated over my paper and played video games. I suck.

Alice said...

We put together baby bed. Cooked out with friends and had GORGEOUS weather. Ervin makes me pancakes on the weekends (which is only fair since I make his breakfast every morning the rest of the week!). I'm so glad you had a good sunday. And let me tell you...if my husband showed up and told me he was taking me to Borders to buy me new books...well, I'd probably do whatever dirty thing you did in your bedrooom right then and there. ;)