Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm gonna kill her.

Swear to God, I fucking HATE my mother.

No, really, I mean it.

Yes, I do.


My mother can aggravate me more than any other person on the planet. No one has the ability to take me from placid to enraged in under six seconds like she does. The latest fiasco, you ask?
I am a plan maker. Especially when timing is tricky. Like this wedding week extravaganza that I'm leaving for tonight. Different things are planned for every day, and the timing of each has been tricky to coordinate. Thursday, for example, I am supposed to meet my parents at the tux rental place at nine a.m. so Daddy can make sure his tux fits, and I can get mom's gift for Tara and the cupcake holders that I need for the bridal shower cupcakes. The bridal shower is at 11:30, so I'll have to be there by 11:00 to get things set up. That doesn't leave a lot of time for doing what's necessary and getting from here to there.
I just got an email from my mother saying that she is "sending Daddy to get his tux noon-ish. He will give you the gift for Tara and the cupcake holders then." WHAT?! That's too late! What the HELL?! We had a plan, it was perfect. Then Mom screws it up. She does this All. The. Time. I sent her an email back that said, "Um, Mom, what happened to you both being there early in the morning? I NEED to have the holders and gift BEFORE 11:30 as that's when the shower starts. I'm kinda FREAKING OUT HERE, MOM. Help!"

I texted Bear, frantic.

What am I going to do?!? I kept thinking. Tara's sisters are going to KILL me.

Thankfully, Bear came to the rescue, as he so often does. He called me and told me to tell Mom that we would stop by her house on the way down tonight (it's about ten miles out of the way, but whatever) and pick up the holders and gift. That way we know we have them and can avoid any problems on Thursday. It sucks because now I won't get a chance to see my dad until Saturday, but I've got to do what's best for Tara. I hate that Mom gets out of having to work around someone else's schedules as always, but I should know by now that she is not trustworthy. Gah! Jesus, she freakin' pisses me off! Anyone ELSE have a horrible mother story to share and make me feel better?


Alice said...

I actually have a saint for a mother...but her mother (my grandmother who is the raging alcoholic) is another story. My grandmother could make your mom look like Mary Poppins! But boy-howdy - she pisses me off the way she treats my mom. Actually treats all of us. She is the queen and we are her servants. I only go along with it to keep the peace for my mom's sake. But more times than not I want to tell her to f-off.

All drama aside - I hope you have a fantastic weekend with your family and hubby! You need time just to chill, celebrate and be with those you love. We expect full disclosure and pictures when you get back!!

Fox In Detox said...

My mother is like Alice's, but my friend's mother is INSANE. Everything anyone does, has to be done to accommodate her. When my friend got married, she was in tears the entire day because of her mother. She got to the reception before anyone else, and changed all the seating cards on the tables to suit herself. She invited people on her own, even though the bride and groom told her they couldn't afford to have people there they didn't know. She told the kitchen that there wouldn't be enough cake to serve if they saved the top, so they should just cut it all up (they were saving the very top tier for their first anniversary). She had the priest announce her name and "special thanks for her contributions" during the ceremony. She was supposed to get the wedding candle from the church and bring it with her...but didn't because she didn't want to get wax all over herself, and didn't ask anyone else to get it for her. They sent someone back for it, but it was gone. She was a complete nightmare.

About two months later, a family friend got married, and they had plans much like yours that required timing. Her mother didn't want to go along with those plans because they would put her ten minutes out of her way, so she wanted my friend to stop at her house first (half an hour in the opposite direction) to pick up her gifts to the bride and groom and take them to the wedding for her, so that she wouldn't have to worry about carting them around. My friend finally had enough and put her foot down. She just said "Sorry mom, that doesn't suit MY needs. You'll have to figure it out on your own...love you! See you there"..this didn't go over well, but she does it all the time now, and doesn't give her mother the option. It's kind of like tough love for narcissists. She says "Oh, well..I'm sorry you feel that way. Hope you change your mind, and can work out your issue. See you there if you make it..love you!"

She said it's difficult, but it's a whole lot better than what she was dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the stories I could tell...could fill a book. She, like your mom, could push my buttons and make me madder than anyone on this earth. She was an alcoholic and so very cruel verbally. She played the victim role perfectly. Everything was all about her.

All that aside, I hope it all goes well! Enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Thank God for Bear!!