Thursday, October 23, 2008

The day that doesn't end...

Today will not end. I've been at school all day, forever, an eternity... and I still have more than an hour to go. This day has sucked from the get-go and hasn't gotten any better. I'm tired of administering testing (which I do the whole month of October), I'm tired of kids not doing their homework, I'm tired of this one specific student that is a danger and a threat to others not being expelled as he should be. I'm just tired. I have to work at Rite Aid tonight, and then get through Friday before I can relax. I don't know if I'll be able to do it. Yesterday I had detention duty (which due to a faulty calendar I didn't know about), so I had to drive 75 mph to get to job #2 in time. I'm lucky I didn't hit a moose. I haven't gotten the mail this week, I haven't washed any dishes, I haven't done a lot of things. I'm rapidly becoming overwhelmed.

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Alice said...

Your week sounds like mine....ok, deep breath...the lesson I learned when I started to feel overwhelmed was to not think of it "I can't get through until Friday..." but rather concentrate on getting through the next 15 minutes. Hopefully Friday will get here before you know it and then you can have a relaxing weekend.

Remember...just focus on the next 15....the rest will take care of themselves.