Monday, September 10, 2007


Do you remember in high school, there was at least one teacher who had a name that could be easily transformed into something different? I learned what my name has become today: Mrs. Kinne (kin-nee) has become Mrs. Kinky. It was said as a joke, but I'm sure I'm going to hear that one again. I had to laugh. If they only knew, I thought in my mind. :) It's a lot better than the last name I had - Ms. Monroe became Ms. Man-roe. Eek. Guess I should have bleached my facial hair better!

I am supposed to get a kitten this afternoon - the mom of one my students is supposed to stop by at two o'clock with the litter so I can pick the one I want. I'm excited to give Zedd a new sibling to play with! The poor thing has been so lonely since Inigo died. These kittens all have both eyes (unlike the one I thought I was going to get a few weeks ago), but I'm trying not to be disappointed. This will probably be better in the long run. I will post pictures as soon as I can.


Overheard student comment of the day: "Oh, look, there's a deer out in the field! Oh, no wait - that's a seagull."

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Shari said...

Oh the name game!! My grandmother's maiden name was Hencke (Hanky) and a boy in her school said that she should have a hanky so he could blow his nose. Then I couldn't stay too far away from that-my maiden name was Atchison and I'd get Ach- (half a sneeze) cha-son. :)

I can't remember any name games with the teachers, though. Kids, huh?