Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a Wednesday

A few observations:

  • I saw my first moose of the school year today. It was a fat, complacent cow contentedly munching on bog weeds. She paid me no mind as I drove by.
  • I made my lunch from scratch this morning (a turkey and bacon wrap, yogurt, a pluot, and two cookies). I dropped my bacon on the floor. Instead of cooking more, I patted the pieces off on a paper towel and stuck them in my wrap.
  • I have more chores to do than hours to do them. That's about par for the course.
Tonight is grocery night. I hate this night more than any other. Lately I've been having to do the shopping without Bear and I find that without him, I'm not as efficient or as thrifty as I am with him. Who knew grocery shopping is better as a team sport?


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