Monday, November 27, 2006

Wedding Update - 215 dtg!

I have wedding news!

  • I have been calling different vendors local to my parents' area, trying to get price lists and estimates for the rental equipment we need for the wedding. To date I have gotten several responses, and am within a week or two of putting down a deposit. I'm trying to find a place that will rent me everything I need (canopies, tables, chairs, and porta-potties), although I'm finding that it may be more difficult to do that than originally planned. The only place I know for sure does that is in my current neck of the woods, and it costs more to have the equipment hauled the 100 miles to my parents' house.
  • The table centerpieces are picked out - I'm on the look out for red and blue vases. The flowers are going to be white hydrangeas (they grow in several places all over our property).
  • My father is building the dance floor (cheaper than renting one).
  • We think we have a person to marry us (my cousin Lori).
  • The engagement photo will be taken before Christmas to hit newspapers by January.
  • Bear and I are currently working on picking the perfect wedding vows.
  • I have hired a woman to make our cake and the cupcakes for the reception.
  • I will have fresh flowers on top of my cake instead of a traditional topper.
  • My brother Mark will be the M.C., and my brother John is the Man-of-Honor.

My mom and Bear have been awesome about the planning process, being as involved as any bride could ask for. It was my mom who found the lady to make the cake, and Bear has been comparing rental vendors with a sharp eye. The guest list is coming along splendidly. I removed a bunch of people that I am no longer friends with or that I didn't think needed to be there, and that freed up some space for a couple of people I'd forgotten. I'm inviting about 110 people, and I think 100 will show up. That number includes children.

Christmas is only 28 days away, and I can't wait. Most of the shopping is done (minus some things that must be purchased online), and Saturday night Bear and I wrapped almost everything we have bought so far. The tree is up and decorated (a fake one for this year, with the promise of a real one next year), the stockings are hung, and the Dr. Demento Christmas Album is in full effect each afternoon. I am so on top of Christmas this year it's sick. I love it!

The only fly in my ointment right now is that my cat, Inigo, is not feeling well. I don't know if it is the de-wormer I gave him Friday or if he got into something he shouldn't have, but he has been listless and lethargic for a couple of days now. He isn't sneezing and doesn't have any discharge from eyes or nose, so I don't think he's sick. If he ate or drank something he shouldn't have, all I can do is wait for it to pass. If he isn't better by Wednesday, I will have to call the vet. Poor little guy. Wish him well!


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Word Imp said...

So organised! Wedding and Christmas all sussed. I've already had a wedding so all I have to do is Christmas but that's too hard at the moment. I'm in denial. Maybe I'll accept it by 1 December. But probably by about 17 December. Just too busy and tired from deadlines and school camps and the normal everyday mother stuff. Anyway, well done again. I'm very impressed.