Saturday, November 04, 2006

Speaking of Christmas...

I am working on a number of sewing/knitting projects for people for Christmas this year. I have a new sewing machine that sounds like a jet engine and is just as fast. Just tonight I completed a gift for my brother and sister-in-law. STart to finish in just one evening! Of course, the mitten I am knitting my father is about two inches too big and will have to be begun again. *sigh*.

I thought you'd like to see one more picture of Bear and I, so I posted it, even though it has nothing to do with gifts or Christmas. Do you think I should make it my default picture?


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Sue Flaska said...

That is an AWESOME picture! But if you mean by default picture that you are going to change the Wheel picture, no no no! That is truely a one of a kind, just like you, and it should remain as your profile picture. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.