Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bad Girl!

I have been a bad girl recently. I have not been blogging! I don't have any excuse, either. Well, my life is boring and I've been busy, but I don't think those qualify as excuses. As I write this I am in my classroom, waiting for parents to arrive for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Ugh. I hate talking to parents about their children. For one, I feel as though I'm betraying my students' trust by talking about them. I feel that by high school, you're entitled to a little bit of freedom away from your parents. I also hate conferences because I get the feeling that parents are testing me. Does she know what she's talking about (how would they know), why did you give my kid a bad grade (I don't give grades, they earn them), and how come you didn't tell me about the missing work before now (if I had to call each parent whenever there was an assignment not completed, I'd spend hours on the phone each evening). I guess I still feel that my age (25) is a bit of a liability. Parents see me as too young to know what I'm doing. Not true, of course, but they don't see me every day like their kids do.
Enough of school. Vacation starts officially at 10:30 today, and I won't have to go back until Monday. Hooray!
If you noticed the title to my last blog, you know that my anniversary was Friday. I know, I know, I'm not married yet, but it is the anniversary of our first date so it counts, damnit! Bear and I went to Bangor for a nice dinner out. It's a sign of how destitute we are that the most expensive thing we could do was eat dinner at Olive Garden, and even then I had to use my credit card. It was fabulous, don't get me wrong, but I think it was more because of the company than the atmosphere. One thing I did learn: Don't eat the after-dinner mints and then take a last sip of your berry sangria - it makes your mouth taste like Robitussun.
I've been hooked on a book this last week, too. It's called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (look inside the book here). The first hundred pages or so was kind of dull, but after that it picked right up. I'm almost done and can't wait to start the next one!

I guess that's all from my end of the universe. I probably won't post on Thanksgiving, but I will try to post at least twice more this week. Happy Thanksgiving every one!


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Sue Flaska said...

Happy anniversary! I have been just as bad about blogging. Life has been so crazy lately, but I was able to post a few things yesterday. And the real fun starts today (Happy Thanksgiving!!)I still have some cleaning to do, and other odds and ends while Dion cooks his little heart out. Gotta love him!