Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Check In #1

It's been a week since my last post. How am I doing?

  • I'm still drinkning soda, but my intake is drastically reduced.
  • I had pizza and lasagna two days in a row, both times without Lactaid. Let's just say I am remembering now why I am supposed to stay away from dairy! *shudder*
  • I bought a scale that says I'm down from 190 to 185. Yes! 30 pounds to go.
  • Last week I didn't get in my twenty minutes of activity a day (grad class took up a TON of time) but yesterday I swam and today I'm going to take a walk.
So are you proud of me, even a little? I am. I have been trying to remind myself why I'm doing all of this whenever I get tempted to eat too much. Bear has been awesome about reminding me, too. Yesterday I wanted to have an ice cream, and he very gently asked me if I really wanted it since I'm trying to lose weight. Once he said that, my craving died down. YES!

The picture you see in this post isn't me. It's my best friend, Beatrice Crotchrocket, and her boyfriend Rambo. I found out this weekend that they are engaged!! I'm very excited for her. They might even be married before Bear and I are - wouldn't that be weird?
I'm a little worried, that they are going to run away and get married. Not because I think they will be missing out, but because I will. She is my best friend in the entire world and I want to be there. I want to be IN it, not just be there. I've never been in a wedding before, and after Bea's I don't want to be in another one (except mine, of course). I can't be her maid of honor, but I want to be a member of the wedding party so that I can help plan her bachelorette party, so I can help move the mountain of gifts to her apartment after the reception, so that I can hold the dollars for the dollar dance. To me, it's a way of showing how much I love and support her. I haven't always done a great job of showing that.

Of course, Bear tells me (and he's right) that it's her wedding and she can do it however she wants. I understand this on a theoretical level, but I WANT TO BE IN HER WEDDING! Is that selfish? Of course it is. I will work on getting over it. And besides, I'm not even sure if she would want me in her wedding if it was local, let alone far away. *sigh*

As for my own wedding, the plans are coming along fine. I'm not in the spotlight any more (my brother the conquiering hero is bringing his new wife home, and my parents are throwing them a party). My parents aren't throwing me a party. Maybe I'll get one next year.



Sue Flaska said...

Nice to meet you! And yes, I am proud of your weightloss so far, and know you can meet your goal. I have read your whole blog and enjoyed it. You will be put into my favorites so I can see how you're doing. Later!

P.S. why is it so damn funny when people fall?!?

*T* said...

Ok so WORST Picture EVER of us! We had some nice ones taken this weekend that I will have to e-mail you so you can stop embarassing me! And I PROMISE if I have a wedding party you are on the list of people to ask. And if I do not have a wedding party- you are helping no matter what! Come down and we can go shopping for dresses. HELLO this is dressup for grownups! When else will we be able to play dress up and drink frappuccinos all day long?! SERIOUSLY!!