Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer time

It's been almost a month since I've blogged. I'm sorry, especially as my last blog showed me being in a very negative frame of mind. I'm over that, thankfully. The end of the school year brings a lot of mixed emotions. Most of what I was feeling was stemming from the fact that I don't know if I'll be back there to teach next year. I know that I don't really want to go back, but there aren't a lot of high school English teacher positions open near where I live. I've applied for three in an eighty mile radius from home. I'm waiting to hear back.

Bear and I took our annual trip to Bar Harbor the first weekend I was free from school. We take our tent and camp, as it is much cheaper than a hotel room and we can use the money we saved to do things in the Harbor. This time it poured every single day. We were soaked, frustrated, and bored. It wasn't nearly as much fun as it was last year. We'll try again next year, I guess. We did have some good times laying in the tent and reading. Each of us read through an entire novel (and I got halfway through another one).

Shortly after we returned home, Bear and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we got married. Other times it feels like I've always loved him. As time passes, I am more and more convinced that I hit the husband jackpot with him. I've never met anyone as kind, caring, honest, hardworking, and funny as this man. I am more and more thankful to have him as time passes. With Bear I feel that I have a true partner in life; someone who wants the same things I want and will work with me to get them. He blogged on the day of our anniversary, saying:
Two years ago today, we met together on the shores of Pleasant Pond surrounded by our friends and family and vowed our love for each other. 730 days later we stand together still, better, stronger and if possible even more in love. We've taken on this rollercoaster and walked off the other end, sometimes a little woozy and stumbling from time to time but we have always come out the end. I love you Heather Naomi Monroe Kinne, more and more with every day. You have taught me that is alright to dream, to believe in things, and to take care of myself as well as others. You have stood by me when others would have run. You have showed me unhindered devotion and caring. I truly believe that you are the thing that makes me complete and I feel so lucky to have you. I love you, babe. Happy Anniversary

Other than that I've been working at Rite Aid and hanging out with Bear. He's been laid off this month so it's been nice to have him home each day. He's sweet enough to bring me to work and pick me up most days, as well as do housekeeping chores and get the mail. I am really spoiled. This is the first week since April that has had more than two sunny days in a row - Maine has had rain almost every single day this spring/summer. It's been really hard to accomplish anything outside. At least the rain means my flowers are growing, I guess.

So much has been going on in the bloggy world - Alice had her baby (Hi Austin!), Hallie is almost to her goal of 5,000 dollars raised for Organ Donation Awareness, and Fox is in the Southwest with a marvelous man (who totally needs to guest blog so that we can all "meet" him), and Cheryl is trying her best to make lemonade out of lemons. I wish you all the best in your summer adventures!

I'll try to be back to semi-regluar blogging (I think I needed a mental break from it all). Thanks to all of you for sticking with me!


Leslie said...

I love what Bear blogged - he sounds like a really good guy. I hope you find something nearer than 80 miles! Is there anything else you could do other than teach?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You camped in a tent in the rain??? You are a much better woman than me!!

I only need $440 more to get to my goal!! I am going insane worrying I won't make it!!

Hallie :)

Fox In Detox said...

Read Bear's blog. I just love you guys together. It's so great that he can express himself like that without reservation. You are indeed a lucky woman.

Alice said... hormones still raging... and the blog by Bear?? Totally undid me. How beautiful. Happy anniversary to you both. I wish you many, many more! And Austin sends you a kiss from Georgia. We're settling in at home and hope that you have a fantastic summer!!