Thursday, April 09, 2009

Three Strikes and I'm Probably Out

Yesterday I had very little to post, and today I have so much to post I'm not sure that I will be able to clearly articulate it all. My world was turned upside down yesterday and I'm still trying to find my footing. Here's what happened.

Yesterday afternoon my principal came into my room and shut my door. That was unusual. He sat down and said, "Something was dropped on my desk yesterday and I feel that you should know about it. I'm not sure what anything means yet, but I and a few of the teachers feel that you should be made aware, as it may affect your job." I listened as he went on to explain several seemingly disjointed pieces of news that put together, pointed in the direction that I may be "laid off" at the end of this year:
  1. There is a teacher at the elementary school who's position will be eliminated due to budget cuts.
  2. This teacher has wanted to teach at the high school for a number of years.
  3. The superintendent asked this teacher to draft a curriculum for a creative writing class at the high school level.
  4. This teacher has more seniority than I do.
What the gist is (or what I could gather) is that this teacher wants my job, but because she's full time at the elementary, she was asked to make up a class in order to be full time up here (I'm only half-time now). What *really* makes me mad is the fact that there is a first year teacher at the elementary school at could and SHOULD be laid off before me. But because this woman wants MY job, she may get it. Which means the first year teacher stays at the elementary school and the third year teacher (me) gets laid off or "downstaffed" as they call it. AND the person replacing me gets the full time position I've been asking for for THREE YEARS.

I told my principal that I wasn't surprised, and really, I'm not. This may the third teaching job out of THREE that I've lost due to someone else wanting to be where I was. It's enough to drive me straight out of education. I am just so sick of the plotting and conspiring going on behind my back. I am so fed up with being in this situation. My husband and principal have both cautioned me against overreacting, since we don't "know" anything yet. I told them both the same thing: get ready for a fight. I will file a grievance, go to the board, go to the newspapers if I have to; I will not give up my job without fighting as hard as I can to protect what I've worked so hard for. I will keep you all posted when I learn something new. Until then - wish me some luck, won't you?


Alice said...

Oh my god. They can't do that -- can they?? I thought there was a point to teachers having SENIORITY. I wouldn't do anything just yet, but I would fight like hell if they do that. The good news is, at least your principal gave you a heads-up, so you weren't blindsided. That gives you time to articulate a reponse. A prepared attack is much better than just having to react. And not only would I demand that I keep my job--I would demand the right to present a full year cirriculm to the school board for consideration. If they let one teacher do it; they should DEFINITELY let the teacher they HIRED for the job have first crack at it.

Go down swinging, girl. And sending you lots of luck and prayers from Georgia.

Carmen said...

All the luck and deserve your job. You've worked hard for it.

Fox In Detox said...

Every ounce of luck I have is yours. Give it to them with both barrels and kick their collective asses! WTF? Like there isn't enough back biting going on in the world.

Anonymous said...

I just read this, I'm so sorry. That just wrong. I would contact the union. Bottom line, you have Seniority! You have rights and you don't deserve to be treated like that!!!
I'm here, if you ever want to talk.

Heather said...

Good luck...although you might want to refrain from blogging about it if you end up having to go the grievance route.

Sue Flaska said...

Hey there! I am so sad to hear this happening to you! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.