Thursday, February 05, 2009

Week #2

Bear has been laid off for almost two weeks now. He's said more than once that he's ready to go back to work, but I'm not sure I'm ready for him to go back. In the last week he totally redecorated/renovated my craft room (see my other blog for pictures), cleaned the house (it's SPOTLESS), organized a bunch of things that really needed it (including the food cupboards which were a mess), and even done laundry.

I could get used to this!

It hasn't been perfect - I had to work both jobs yesterday and he was definitely not happy when I finally got home and got on the computer instead of cuddling him on the couch. I hope to make it up to him tonight. He has also been battling a nasty cold that settled into his chest and has been making life pretty miserable for my dear Bear.

Overall, though, I think this layoff has been more good than bad - and I had no idea that I would ever be saying that.

Bear and I in front of the storage area he built me last week.


Bear said...

I have truly enjoyed revamping your room for you hun and I am glad that I have been able to get things done around the house and help you out more. I love you!

BTW...hehe...I have another project in mind :)

Birds of A Feather said...

Hey is Bear available for rent? LOL Great work, you two, I know it means a lot to both of you. Love you guys!!

Alice said...

OMG. y'all are so sweet!!! I'm going to check out your photos of your new room!! Glad that you've found a blessing in something you thought would be bad.

Hang in there, kids!

Anonymous said...

Loving all the things that Bear is doing. It is always such a good feeling when projects actually get finished and look so good. Our house is full of unfinished projects, we just have no time. Drives me crazy.

You two make such a beautiful couple! I love that photo.

Have a great night.

Fox In Detox said...

You guys are adorable. I need a bear... only I want a real one...complete with the hibernating part.