Friday, February 13, 2009

Go Baby, Go!

This morning my husband isn't at home. He's not working, and he hasn't gone on yet another grocery run.

This morning, my husband is beginning his back-to-school adventure.

As I type this, he is at a computer in the local adult ed office, taking the Accuplacer test. Once he finishes that, he can begin taking the classes he will need so that he can go on to college.

I am so proud of him.

Congratulations, Baby, on starting this new journey. I love you - and I'm behind you all the way.


Sue Flaska said...

Good for Bear! Not an easy thing to do as an adult!

Alice said...

That is awesome!! I am so proud of him. Ervin is looking at going back in January.

Fox In Detox said...

AWESOME! Good luck Bear! You're going to do great!