Thursday, July 26, 2007

Married Life...

... is really no different from the life I led before. Since I got married, everyone's been asking me, "Do you feel any different?" This question confuses me - am I supposed to? Different how? Bear and I lived together before we were married, my paperwork hasn't gone through so I can't legally change my name yet, and aside from the rearranging of some of my rings, my life isn't any different. What I can't figure out is if life is supposed to be different somehow. Did I miss something here? Does marriage make people cognizant fo some kind of change in their lives, their relationships? Am I the only one who feels totally the same?

Summer is progressing well for me otherwise. Until yesterday it really hasn't been hot at all - I think it's only been in the 90's once in the past two months. Yesterday and today it has been noth hot and muggy, so I think Bear is planning to take us to the lake tonight for a swim. Schoodic lake is a spring-fed lake, making it one of the coldest lakes around. It'll be the first time this year we've been really swimming.

I've been trying to lose weight again. After the honeymoon I weighed myself and discovered I have gained almost all of the weight that I lost last fall back. I weighed in at 180.8. I was kind of disgusted with myself. I thought about trying to make small changes, do one thing at a time, but that hasn't been working for me. I need to set a big goal in a short time frame - otherwise, it's too esay to make excuses. So my new goal is ten pounds in six weeks. That sounds like a llot, and it is. If I lose six pounds, I think I'll be happy. I set this goal two days ago, and have done more excercising in those two days than I have all summer. Bear has agreed that if I make it to 167.6 I can buy a new good pair of sneakers. That's thirteen pounds away. Hopefully by October I'll be back there. 167.6 is what I weighed when I met Bear. I am looking for a way to track my progress and post it here in a graph format - any ideas?

That's all I've got for now, I guess. The proofs came back from the photographer, but they were too small for me to really get a feel for them. She's sending them to me in a CD, and when she does I will post my favorites.


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Shari said...

I didn't feel any different either. I lived with my hubby for 1 1/2 years before we married. We moved to a new home five weeks after we got married. Maybe that made it more "married". I don't know

I bet it felt better to rearrange your rooms.