Monday, July 30, 2007

A change will do us good

Bear and I spent this last weekend rearranging the furniture in our living rooms and office. I say living rooms because instead of one big living room, this house has two smaller ones - 10ft by 10ft, roughly. When I first moved in, I hated how close the couch was to the bathroom - anyone with lactose intolerance will understand why I didn't want someone sitting almost literally on the other side of the door. The couch was then in what I call the big living room (it is marginally larger than the other). The "office" was in the red livingroom (so named because of the red carpet). The "office" consisted of a giant metal teacher's desk and an equally huge wooden chair. The other room I wasn't impressed with was the bedroom, which was an awkwardly long and narrow room with no insulation in the floor (this was especially rough during the long Maine winters). I so hated the arrangement that I insited we move things around when my stuff became part of the equation. I have an enormous couch and chair that I absolutely adore, so when we started cohabitating, the couch, chair, and tv all moved into the red living room, the desk and chair moved into the bedroom (creating an actual office), the bedroom stuff we moved upstairs and the big living room became kind of a catch all that housed our DVD collection, a gun case, the exercise bike and an old chair I didn't really like. It wasn't really a useable room, but it did a good job holding my crap.

This weekend we totally rearranged things. The office is now the gun room, the red living room is the office again but with a much smaller desk and the exercise bike and the big living room again houses the couch, chair and tv. This time, though, the tv is by the bathroom - not the couch. There is still a lot to be done, but I think it looks much better. Now every room is functional, I can finally blog while watching tv and exercise while watching tv, too. An added bonus is that now I have enough physical space to put my yoga mat in front of the tv and do one of my yoga DVDs. In the red living room, there wasn't enough space to do that.

Proof reading this, I see that unless you've been in my house, it is difficult to visualize things. As soon as my camera returns from the repair shop I will post some pics for you to enjoy.


PS I haven't forgotten about creating a chart for my exercising/weight loss progress. I'm working on it!

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Sue Flaska said...

Ah yes...change. I remember growing up I would change my bedroom around at least 4 times a year. At least. I have married someone who does not like to do such a crazy thing, so I am left either doing it myself, or not doing it. One of the things I am looking forward to with this move is just that....change. It does a body good.