Friday, February 26, 2010

Post-Op Update

Bear had his surgery on Tuesday. Thanks to all of you who are in good with God, Bear sailed through both procedures. The endoscopy showed nothing going on in the gallbladder to account for his pain, which we expected. Since there are no growths or infections in it, Bear can have it out any time he wants. The doctor told Bear to let him know when he's had enough and the gallbladder will come out. That is a comfort to both of us. While Bear doesn't have bad attacks, he does have pain every day. I'm comforted that they will still take it out, even without stones or attacks. It means something when a hospital staff believes their patients.

As for the knee surgery, we know some things and don't know others. We know that it "went well" - there were no complications or accidents during surgery. We know that he is healing very quickly, thanks to the kind words of Bear's physical therapist (whom we met yesterday). We don't know exactly what was repaired, what the sum of all the damage was, or if everything got corrected. Bear has an appointment to discuss the surgery in depth with the surgeon on Monday. I'd like to go too so I can hear what the surgeon has to say. He gave us some pictures from the inside of Bear's knee and although I have no real idea what I'm looking at, I can tell that there was a lot of messed up tissue in there.

Bear is handling this all very well, and is trying to rest as much as he can. He has napped each day (so have I) and has been a good boy about taking his meds. His knee is swollen but the incisions look great and he has very little bruising.

As he lay in the hospital bed in the recovery room he looked at me and said, "I wanna milkshake. Can we get a milkshake?" He hadn't had anything to eat that day and that was all he wanted. The nurses said it would be fine, so on the way home we stopped at McDonald's and got a large chocolate milkshake and a large fry. Not the healthiest of recovery meals, but he'd been so good about the surgery I just couldn't say no. He enjoyed it tremendously and I was happy to be able to help him at least that much.


Fox In Detox said...

That is so awesome! Glad he's doing well, and on the mend. I just had my gallbladder out. I had the stones, and the insane attacks, and I still didn't want the surgery, until after the last attack. 12 hours of agony changed my mind for me.

Get well soon, Bear! We here at Superhero Central are rooting for you!

Alice said...

YAY! I'm glad he's recovering nicely! And a milkshake does make everything better.

Have fun playing nurse. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am glad the procedure went smoothly and that he is on the mend. Knee pain can be awful, so I hope you do go, and ask lots of questions.
My knee caps were broken, but it also messed up all the tissue, so I bet there will be PT in the future. It does help.
Keep us posted and I hope he is feeling better soon.
Milkshakes are the best, cures just about anything.

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mewmewmew said...

Seriously, will be keeping you in thought and prayer. Please update after his surgeries and let us know how he is doing.
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