Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday Fragments a bit late

  • I know Friday Fragments are supposed to be posted on Friday, but I didn't blog then so I'm posting them today.
  • My grammie is out of the hospital and is now at a residential rehabilitation center. I have no idea when she will be able to come home, but her doctors seem to think she will be able to. I'm hoping by Thanksgiving, but if she needs to stay there, I want them to keep her - I don't want her to come home before she is healed and stronger. She is still in a lot of pain, but they are trying to manage it as best they can.
  • My husband had an accident yesterday. He washed a huge load of dishes and washed the floor, which I was thrilled about. As he was sliding lunch into the oven, some of the clean dishes started to fall to the floor. As he raced out to catch them, he slipped on the wet floor and fell. His knee popped out of joint and then back in, and his back locked up completely. He was in so much pain yesterday he could barely move. He's moving a tiny bit better today, but not much. I can't blame him if he decides never to clean again.
  • My fingers are sore from knitting. My index fingers, which I use to push the needles where I need them are covered in tiny red dots - some of which are broken skin. I'm moisturizing like crazy because I have ten and a half more Christmas projects to knit and only two months left before Christmas. I hope to finish at least two this week.
  • My commute is often the best part of my day (at least until snow flies). Just this morning I saw a wild turkey, a bull moose, and a spotted owl. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a gathering of six moose - that does not happen often. No one I've spoken to has ever seen that many together at once. It was beautiful. I love to see owls in the morning. I've only seen three or four in all of my commutes but they are so lovely. It's like a gift the road gives me once in a while. I will miss this drive when I change jobs.
  • Bear and I have decided that in order to reach our financial goals, we must combine checking accounts. I'm much better about paying bills on time, but he is much better about limiting miscellaneous spending than I am. So each week as we get paid I will pay the bills that need paying and he will be in charge of eating out, picking up whatever sundries we need, and all entertainment costs. I've already curtailed a lot of my spending, so for at least the first week, it's working. We will be setting up the monthly budget tonight. I love that we can communicate well about money, and that although the lack of funds is a stressor for us, it isn't a stressor between us. We are united in our financial plans. I read somewhere that money is the number one thing couples fight about. I'm glad that we aren't part of that statistic!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your Grammie is in a place where they can take care of her and help her heal quicker, but most importantly help manage the pain better. I too, hope she is out by Thanksgiving.

I love driving into work too. We live out in the country too (not like you) but I sometime run across wild turkeys, deer, owls and a few times herons standing right in the middle of the road. It seems so magical, I love how you put it, gifts from the road.

Glad your feeling better about the money situation. David and I keep saying we are going to sit down and do that, but haven't yet. We have the joint account, but need to do a budget. We just get stuck talking about it. I hope he feels better, knee caps are no fun, having broken both of mine!

Fox In Detox said...

Ouch! Poor Grammie, poor Bear, and poor you. I hope your grandmother heals quickly and can go home. I hope Bear does as well, and won't need anything done to fix his knee...and I hope your sore fingers don't prevent you from reaching your goals. My fingers get like that when I use bleach to clean.

On the other hand, I envy your ride to work. I have only seen one live moose in my whole life. It was when I was driving home from the White Mountains last summer. It made my heart race. What a huge, and beautiful animal.