Thursday, August 13, 2009


I got an email from my principal today, and it's official - I'll be spending three hours each afternoon working in the elementary school's resource room.


Let's do the math, shall we?

A three dollar an hour paycut x 3 hours a day x 10 days in a pay period = $90 less a paycheck. If I cut out both unions fees by dropping the unions (what good are they doing me anyway?) I'll save $25 a paycheck. So I'll still be losing $65 a paycheck at school.

At Rite Aid, I make $8 an hour. In order to make up the difference, I will have to work an extra 4 hours a week, x the 2 weeks in the pay period.

That moves me from 20 to 24 hours a week. That's 65 hours away from the house a week.

If I work both Sunday and Saturday (8 hours each), I'll have to work 2 nights a week. If I have one of those days off, I'll have to work 4 nights that week. I can't work on Tuesday because I have staff meetings.

This is rapidly approaching ridiculous.

To save money, I can take the car to work instead of the truck. Even though I love my truck. Even though the truck is safer if I hit a moose.

I can work on selling handdyed fiber and handspun yarn. If I work diligently at this, I could potentially work one less shift a week. But when would I do it?

I can say goodbye to learning to make blueberry wine, giving fabulous gifts at Christmas, getting new running sneakers, and buying anything on my Amazon wishlist.

I can join my bank account and Bear's and only spend money on bills; he will be in charge of any and all money left over, since I would just spend it anyway.

I can apply for another forbearance on my school loans. If I have any left, that would give us a six month window of fewer bills to worry about.

This is all so much to think about. I'm not sure how we'll make it this year, honestly. But at least the loan is paid off. That will hopefully make a difference.

How do you all do it? Is money this tight for anyone else?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My life is perfect in every way except money. It wouldn't make me any happier personally but it would relieve so much stress.

Hang in there.


Fox In Detox said...

Working to live, and living to work...there's got to be a better way. I always feel tied to a job...the pay check, the insurance, the bills. It never gets any easier. Things are about to become very different for me, but I can empathize with you. I've been in your shoes for the past 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the e-mail from your principal. How cold and insensitive. I know you thought this could happen, but a phone call would have been nice, to tell you in person and talk about any future openings or leads.

Working more hours and coming home so tired, just can't be the answer. Sounds cliche, but what is your true passion, this might be the time to really throw all your energies into that. Do you really need those 3 hours? That way you would not need the truck and the gas and the stress. Unless, you get your insurance through the school. Do you really love being a teacher? Is it your passion?
I'm just asking because you have so many other talents, your blessed with them.

Another cliche, that probably isn't helpful now, but sometimes a crisis is really an opportunity.

Know your not alone, really.

Take care of yourself sweetie. I'd buy a bunch of your blueberry muffins anytime!!!!

Alice said...

yes. money is hard for us too. I took a partial unpaid leave of abscence from work - and added a whole new expense (hello, austin) - and it is stressful. We do it a day at time. We forgo the extras right now. And we know it will eventually get better. And it will for you, too. Keep your chin up. :)

Sue Flaska said...

I know, I know, I have been MIA in blogland, but this post....well, it hits home as well for me as I am looking at about an $8000 pay cut this year. Yay for our economy. Hang in there.

Yarn Tails said...

I am so late to replying to this, but I feel ya here. We are actually trying to support our household and the daughter at college right now. And I dont know how we are going to get everything paid from day to day. I so want her to do well at school but I dont really know if we can keep paying for everything. I keep saying a small pray that Jeff or I will find a new job and things will get better. Hugs to you and Bear! I hope it all works out for you...