Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A weather eye*

Last night while my husband was mowing the lawn (for the third time in a row, even though we are *supposed* to take turns), I wandered around the house looking for something productive to do. I'd just returned from hanging out the laundry, and it is painfully obvious to me that it's time for a new clothespin bag. My current one is hanging on by one rusty grommet and is all ripped to shreds:

An idea struck me: I will SEW a new one! I came up with a simple pattern in a pretty purple fabric and set about making it. As I was cutting the fabric, the thought occurred to me that it's as easy to make two as it is to make one. And if I made two, I could give one away! Sweet!

So keep a weather eye on the bloggy horizon, for in the next week or two I should be posting pics of the clothespin bag and details on how you can win one for your very own!

*This exact entry was re-posted to my other blog, as well, so if you read both, you're not seeing double. I promise.


Fox In Detox said...

Aww... I don't have a clothes line..or any trees to hang it on. These are the pitfalls of living in the city.

ps..tried to take a pic of my ring with my cell phone. Not working out too produced a big white blur. I'll use my digi, and turn off the flash...that should work.

Alice said...


I love that you're so crafty....I think of you everytime I hear the Beastie Boys sing "She's crafty...." altough I think they were singing about something else!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You rock Heather!! Yeah for registering!! The cost IS way too much for most people. I was so happy to do it a few years back when I found out it was free.

Spread the word if you can. I suspect they will hit their goal of 46,000 new members quickly.

At least I hope they do!!

Hallie :)