Thursday, January 22, 2009


There are two more days of work for Bear before he begins his four week layoff (let's hope that's all it is). He's filled out the unemployment paperwork - his benefits will begin about two weeks in. There will be one week where he does not get any kind of paycheck, but otherwise, will be getting at least something every week. We are planning as best we can and keeping our fingers crossed that the mill can sell enough of their lumber to be able to bring everyone back to work in a month.

We have been thinking about things Bear can do while he's out of work. The busier he is, the better, if you ask me. Here's what we have so far (feel free to add more ideas in the comments):
  • Paint the stairs and railing. I started this last summer, but never finished it. It looks like crap, and I hate looking at it every night when I go upstairs to go to bed.
  • Finish cleaning the garage. He started it, but more (much more) needs to be done.
  • Finish cleaning the basement. The basement is too scary for me, so cleaning it is on him.
  • Do all household chores - washing dishes, vacuuming, bathroom duty, laundry... all of it. He's a househusband now. Time to act the part.*
  • Get the mail every day so I don't have to.
  • Make me an afternoon snack for when I get home from school.*
  • Compose poems and songs in my honor.*
  • Create a shelving system for my knitting/spinning supplies.
  • Load all of my CDs onto the pen drive we bought to house our music so I can put some new stuff on my mp3 player.
  • Entertain the cats.
  • Blog.**
  • Put out. A lot.*
* Okay, these things may be more MY ideas than his. I say they stay.
** In my "Roll of Honor" you will find his new blog "A Bear's Tale". Read and comment when you can. Thanks!


Fox In Detox said...

Bear sounds like he's going to be a busy man. I bet he can't wait to get started!

Alice said...

It almost makes me wish my husband would get laid off.


Great list!!