Monday, November 24, 2008

This Week I Am...

  • spinning fiber into yarn (an early Christmas gift for me)
  • working every day but Saturday
  • going to a good friend from high school's wedding on my day off
  • eating my first Thanksgiving dinner at my own home (Bear is cooking)
  • completing two knitting projects (I hope)
  • watching my cousin and his wife appear on the Martha Stewart Show
  • getting my own spindle (instead of the borrowed one I'm using)
  • cleaning the kitchen table off
  • folding the eight loads of laundry we did yesterday
  • sleeping in Wednesday morning
  • watching Sweeny Todd (we've had it since May and haven't watched it).

What are you doing this week?


Fox In Detox said...

"eating my first Thanksgiving dinner at my own home (Bear is cooking)"

Now see, that's the way to do it! Have a fun week!

Sue Flaska said...

Sweeny Todd.......GREAT movie! Johnny is truely a talented guy!