Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Aid is exactly right

I officially started a second job today. I am the newest cashier/clerk at the local Rite Aid. I will be paid $7.15 an hour to ring people's purchases up and stock shelves. I've been out of the retail world for several years and am dreading and anticipating the return in equal parts. The thing is, I need this job so I can buy heating oil for the winter. I'm going to have to pay cash price as it is, since I can't afford to pre-buy it. Once the winter is over, I'm hoping to save up for a new car. Have I posted a picture of my car? It's on it's last legs. I'm not even sure if it will last the winter. But what can I do? I'm broke!

This week has been a busy one (when is it otherwise?), and I'm very tired. I'm off to the shower and then bed. I'm looking forward to the weekend!


PS my older brother called me tonight to inform me that he is now engaged to a wonderful woman named Tara. I met her at my wedding and fell instantly in love. Congratulations to you both!


Shari said...

Hello. Got caught up on your blog. You've been busy. Sorry about the issue you have with your district. I hope it ends on a good note. That's gotta be tough...tenure or not.

I used to think I knew what teachers make, but now I know it varies. Sorry you have to take on a second job to pay for your heat.

Take care. :)

Shari said...

BTW, Amalia, I awarded you with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award!! :)

Rock on!!