Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Random Wednesday

  • If you haven't read it lately, check out Bear's blog. His medical roller coaster keeps going, each pass making the track more worn out and wobbly. I know we are both tired of the ride.
  • The sun has been shining for two days. It makes me wish for spring even more. Last weekend we were hit with a moderate ice storm - about 12,000 people lost power and roads have been damaged by fallen trees. My commute has gone from awful to rotten. If the sun will just keep shining, maybe spring will get here.
  • Although I love the light late in the day, I'm not a fan of daylight savings time. I hate that it'll be dark again when I get up each morning. I super hate that I'll be losing an hour of sleep.
  • I really need to add some pictures to this blog. It's been too long since I posted pictures of Jax, the cats, my ad0rable Bear ... too long.
  • If it weren't for my friends and husband, I'd never get anywhere in life. They constantly encourage me to reach past my comfort zone into things that are awesome, if slightly scary. Every time I've done this, something awesome has happened.
  • My new computer has this awesome program called "sticky notes". I no longer have to write notes by hand and pray that the Post-it Gods will allow the sticky backs to work long enough to accomplish my to-do lists. These sticky notes stay right on my desktop so I never lose them. I have several all over my desktop, each in different colors. I'm still not doing much off of those lists, but at least I'm not losing them anymore.
  • I'd like to buy a piano. A used upright piano.
  • I have nowhere to put said piano in my house.
  • I still want one.
  • Bear and I are trying to see if we can manage to visit my brother in Nebraska this summer. We've looked at our travel options and if we can manage it financially, we may take the train out and back. I love the sound of an adventure like that.
  • My video podcast has been going for almost a year now. I had no idea last year that I'd be where I am now. Someone said this morning that they want to be me when they grow up. I'm terribly flattered - but I'm still wondering how in the hell I'm anyone's role model. Weird!
  • Does anyone else sing in their car and not stop, even when truck drivers and other commuters give you funny looks? I can't be the only one. I can't be.
How's your Wednesday looking?


Fox In Detox said...

Too bad Nebraska isn't near Arizona...I've got a used, upright, Piano that wouldn't mind a train ride back to Maine. Hope things get better....hug.

Fox In Detox said...

OMG! How did I miss the whole podcast thing? I just clicked your link... YOU'RE SO CUTE! And your knitting is fantastic! What an awesome thing! I don't knit, or do anything remotely crafty... I'm allergic to it...but I LOVE when other people do it. You're fantastic!