Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Because Good Matters

Many of you may read my friend Alice's blog (I won't link it here because I'm talking about her work, but if you look for an Alice-related blog in my sidebar, you'll see her). If you read her blog, you know she's epically awesome and a genuinely good person. She has graciously allowed me to use her employer as my first "sponsored charity" with my Intention Yarns company. Please go to my Intention Yarns blog and read this post - Alice wrote a letter for me to share with knitters. If you knit or know someone who does, please consider helping (or encouraging someone else to). As Alice explains, these are some really deserving kids.


Alice said...

OMG! You rock my world. And totally made me cry at work today.


Heather said...

Sorry. When I read your letter to the former owner, I cried reading it and she cried hearing it. Let's hope lots of good comes from it.