Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Doctors (TMI warning)

I had to go to the doctor's last week. I've been having terrible pain/cramps in my girlie bits (again or still, I'm not really sure which it is). I was a bit worried that something was wrong with my IUD and that was what was causing the pain. It wasn't just cramps, but a solid wall of pain for nearly two weeks each month with spikes that can make me sweat and cry they are so bad. So I went to the doc's.

She thinks I have endometriosis. In fact, she thinks that not only is my uterine lining on the OUTSIDE of my uterus, but that it has ADHERED to my large intestine. As in stuck on. As in that's not supposed to be there and of course I'm in pain. Great. So what is to be done? I have to get scoped, and if that's the case the specialist can get rid of the problem right there in the office. I'm just waiting to hear back with the date of the appointment.

On the one hand, I'm pleased that this tentative diagnosis seems like it can be easily resolved. On the other hand? I'm so so so so sick of having girlie bits. I just want them to take the damn thing out so I don't have to worry about it any more. It can't hurt if it's not there, right? I would very much like to not be dealing with this issue any more. Unfortunately, insurance companies think they know more about me than I do and can dictate what I do with my body. Freedom of choice my ass. I will, of course, tell you how it goes because I can't not overshare in a public forum. I do wonder if anyone else had this procedure done? They haven't told me much about it. I'm about to head to WebMd to learn more. Good grief.


Fox In Detox said...

Oh, man I feel for you. I have had that for a long time... It's like going through labor every month. I've had a couple of operations...the next one takes it all. I'm hoping it won't come to that...but you never know.

Alice said...

I'm currently doing physical therapy for my girly parts. That's right. My v-jay-jay is in therapy. Apparently it's depresssed. I joke. I just had an 8 pound baby and now I pee on myself. Love being a woman.

Hang in there, girl! I hope everything works out. Keep us posted.

Jenny said...

I had a laparoscopy that confirmed endo. Would be happy to talk more about it. Hope the procedure goes well.