Friday, October 27, 2006

Ode to Bear (thanks Clare)

I read a blog daily called "Three Beautiful Thing" by a woman in England that blogs each day about three beautiful things she saw or experienced. It's a wonderful, positive way to look at life, and so I thought I'd try it in the hopes that she realizes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Because my blog is called "Caring for Bear," it seemed natural to write three beautiful things about him. Here goes:

1. He packs my breakfast and lunch every day, including the chocolate I say I don't want, but secretly do. He even breaks into the Halloween stash if he has to to make sure that my chocolate craving is satisfied.

2. When we crawl into bed each night, he turns his back to me, an silent request to spoon him. He pays me back by letting me keep my cold feet on his warm ones. When I roll over later that night, he rolls too - and we switch positions, one of us holding the other all night long.

3. The way he looks when he plays video games - eyes intent, tongue sticking out whenever he attempts a tricky manouver, and a leg kicking the floor whenever he dies. It's too cute!



Word Imp said...

Love is so beautiful. What about a photo? Of Bear I mean. I'm glad you're so happy. It makes me feel happy too.

Hrithik said...

you two are so cute! great job attacking the "bed mice." it is smart to patrol under the bed during the day to keep them away.

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Angela70 said...

I also think it's really nice love animals, in this case a bear .. you know I live in a place in the mountains where there is a beautiful nature reserve.

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